New Work

Listed below are a number of topics where the Committee sees significant value in further work. In particular, the Committee has now begun a formal tendering process for the first topic. A description of the work to be carried out and project requirements are provided via the link below. The tendering process is described below and begins with the submission of an expression of interest (EOI).

  • A review of model evaluation procedures
  • Deposition modelling (a review of dry/wet deposition modelling of gases and particulates)
  • Modelling of sources in an emergency (when there is limited information available)
  • Fire source terms and plume rise (including landfill, chemical and nuclear fires)
  • Understanding the impact of meteorological uncertainties

The latter four bullet points were identified as a result of an expert elicitation exercise, whereby ADMLC members identified a list of primary areas of interest and gaps in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling. The findings of this exercise were presented at the 2019 “Harmo” Conference ( The presentation and paper are linked here. Anyone interested in any of these topics, either in terms of co-funding or tendering, should contact the ADMLC

Please keep an eye on this page for updates to the ADMLC work programme.

The Committee is also interested in suggestions for new work from non ADMLC members who can contact ADMLC using the email address

ADMLC Tendering Process

Descriptions of the work to be carried out are available via the links in the bullet list above. All interested parties should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to by 10 March 2023. All submitted EOI’s should be brief, no more than two pages of A4, give an outline of the work to be carried out, timescales for delivery and give an estimate of the cost involved. Typically, ADMLC is able to fund projects costing about £55k (including VAT). ADMLC will review each EOI and select those it wishes to take forward. There will then follow a period when the EOI is iterated between the contractor and ADMLC to produce a more detailed description of the work programme.

Further information can be obtained from ADMLC by emailing: